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I just love you... a lot ? by Imalou
by Imalou

Vision : de la manière que DA le définit, c'est une franche réussite. Ta vision d'un moment complice et calin est mignon, et même la mi...

kisu by Imalou
by Imalou

Ma critique rejoint un autre : à part le poignet, il n'y a pas grand chose à chipoter. .... peut-être les fesses de la miss de gauche, ...


Chili Con Carne by AmiralAesir
Chili Con Carne
It was Chili Con Carne lately.
And my cats didn't sleep with me last night.

Bretzel © Amiral Aesir

watercolors, the 24th October 2016
L'hirondelle perdue by AmiralAesir
L'hirondelle perdue
The lost swallow-bird

They were preparing themselves for the charity tour in the village, The orphanage was depending a bit on the donations the citizens could give, specially with the Festival of the Hirondelles coming.
Many bags were already prepared, and even a small chariot was ready for the tour.
A small voice pierced the ambient of the courtyard.

- Don't go.

Noisette turned herself in her direction

- What's wrong Sucrette?
- That's useless.
- Useless? Why so?
- A joke. That place is a complete bullshit!
- Sucrette, why do you think that the orphanage is a joke?
- 'Cause the so-called Hirondelles, the swallow birds, they never come back.

She was trying to hold her tears back.

- They dumped us there, and they never come back. You're going to beg for food and money to those hypocrites who dumped us there and -
- We are the swallow-birds, we are the Hirondelles, not the adults. We may be adopted, yet we will return to see our sisters of heart.
- I respect your choice, I even understand it. I don't want to be adopted as well. I just want to be with all of you.
- I want to be with you too...
- So Sucrette, why wouldn't you train yourself for the Festival? Do it for the show, for your sisters, Do it to give them a chance to leave the nest if that's their choices, and you will notice that the Hirondelles come back every year. As for me, I'll not leave the orphanage, my place is here and I'll change the system. I swear.

Noisette touched the nose of the pink fawn.

- I... I swear that I'll help you.
- Lil' sugar, I don't doubt about it. The determination, the hope, that's what will change the system. And I will need your hope. But for the moment, focus on your youth.
- Love you Noisette. Don't change. Ever.

She ran away in the courtyard, leaving both Noisette and Tsuki.

- Such a cute lil' doe. She's a fierce one despite her age.
- Yeah, she can be troublesome sometime, but she's deeply honest.
- She made you a promise. And I'm sure she will do everything to make you to achieve your objective.
- I know. I'm proud of that Hirondelle. 
- Noisette, I swear that I'll help you to change the system. I don't want to see another orphan to cry like Sucrette.
- Thank you Tsuki, that is truly appreciated... 
- Now, shall we go? We have a festival to prepare!
- Sure thing, our sis' are counting on us!

All characters © Amiral Aesir

Watercolors, the 19th October 2016
Petit rappel by AmiralAesir
Petit rappel
I'm the heroine, okay? Not my sister Daji, nor Tsuki or Lisitsa. Not even that gloomy doe Risea. Not even the cheerful Noisette.
No, I AM THE HEROINE. Don't forget it! Or I'll slice you in pieces.

Message from Daji : She's crazy enough to do it. Beware.

Kitsune Bothan © Amiral Aesir

Watercolors, the 14th October 2016
Tsuki porte le rose by AmiralAesir
Tsuki porte le rose
Tsuki approves the cause and wears proudly the pink color.

And you?

'Cause yeah, October is and will always be the Pinktober for me. Not inktober, not even bucktober, I don't care about dicktober and I barely know monstorber.
But Pinktober? Yeah, I'll support that cause as long as I lose friends and acquaintances to this cancer.

Donate for free for some mammogramsby clicking right here! It's completely free, you just have to click and Adsponsor will pay the mammograms. Sure thing, that's just a few cent for every visit, but each visit every day WILL make the difference.
And have a look on the related journal as well.

Kitsune Tsuki © Amiral Aesir

Watercolors, the 8th October 2016
Des mots bleus by AmiralAesir
Des mots bleus
Zazu and Topaze, sharing a moment in a three under the stars.

All characters © their owners, aka HuskyCookie & Topaze

Watercolors, the 6th October 2016

-Video- La foret aveugle

Sat Jun 18, 2016, 4:08 PM

Ori and the Blind Forest's fanart.
Done during a stream on Picarto, a little more than an hour condensed into two minutes.

Music composed by Gareth Coker - Restoring the Light, facing the Dark.
Ori, Sein and Kuro © Moon Studios 

Buy the game, it's a masterpiece è^é
Amiral seal of quality!

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Drerika Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Student General Artist
Heya, maybe you'd be interested in my OCs contest to win a tablet? ^^…
AmiralAesir Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It seems your tablet is a close cousin to mine, 'though a different brand but the exact shape =P

Thanks for thinking about me, 'though I'm a bit late to answer to it XD
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Gensdelarocide Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016
Hé, j'aimerais savoir si vous avez déjà reçu des commentaires en français posté par des canadiens (à part de moi) sur vos pages. Savez-vous qu'à part d'être la langue de la France, le français est aussi une des langues officielles du Canada?
AmiralAesir Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oui, j'ai quelques québécois qui commentent mes oeuvres.
Gensdelarocide Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016
En français?
AmiralAesir Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Gensdelarocide Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016
Je me demande si vous saviez que, quelques années auparavant, j'avais ajouté quelques commentaires cochons sur certaines œuvres d'art dans votre gallerie du site de FurAffinity.
AmiralAesir Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh ca, je m'en souviens vaguement, mais les homonymes sur internet sont légions...
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